Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ninja Masters - aka Coweb (2013)

Ninja Masters - Poster (2013)

A martial arts instructor is recruited as a bodyguard for an extremely powerful couple. On her first day of duty, her employers are kidnapped. As she searches for the couple, she is lead by cryptic messages from the kidnappers and into a deadly world of underground fighting. As the culprits put her in the ring, her martial arts skills are tested, and she gets steps closer to freeing her clients. The next opponent that enters her ring will have her facing the ultimate challenge with hopes of getting out of the ring alive!

Movie Details:
Movie: Ninja Masters (2013)
Genre: Action
Release Date: June 11th, 2013
Director: Xin Xin Xiong
Writer: Sunny Chan
Starring: Kene Kosugi, Luxia Jiang, Sam Lee, Siu-Fai Cheung, Peggy Tseng, Wanja Götz
Studio: Lionsgate