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Double Xposure (2012)

Double Xposure (2012)
Double Xposure (2012)

About Movie
Double Xposure (Chinese title: Erci puguang) is Chinese mystery drama film, directed and written by Yu Li with writer and producer of this film Li Fang.

The film starring with Chinese stars cast Joan Chen, Bingbing Fan, Shaofeng Feng, Siyan Huo, Wei Kong and Anlian Yao.The film scheduled for released in China on Sept. 29, 2012 with Chinese and Mandarin languages.

When Song Qi stumbles upon her boyfriend's affair with her best friend, her life quickly starts falling apart and she is subsequently drawn into a quicksand of revenge and murder. Though all is not as it seems and Song Qi will have to embark on a twisted journey into her past and the very depths of her own mind

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Double Xposure (2012)
Original title  Erci puguang
Genre  Drama | Mystery
Release date  29 September 2012 (China)
Directed by  Yu Li
Produced by  Li Fang
Written by  Li Fang, Yu Li
  - Joan Chen  -  Dr. Hao
  - Bingbing Fan  -  Song Qi
  - Shaofeng Feng  -  Liu Dong
  - Siyan Huo  -  Zhou Xiaoxi
  - Wei Kong  -
  - Anlian Yao  -  Song Qi's Father
Music by  Howie B., Howard Simon Bernstein
Cinematography by  Florian Zinke
Film Editing by  Yu Li, Ze Yuan
Studio  Laurel Films
Run time  105min
Country  China
Language  Chinese | Mandarin
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