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Bandook (2013)

About Movie
Bandook is an upcoming crime genre film, follows the story of nexus between crime & politics, Aditya Om, the director and writer of this film plays main lead role as Bhola Kevat and Manisha Kelkar plays opposite role to Bhola as Kajri.

Bandook is the story of nexus between crime & politics and how gun has become an umbilical chord between the two. It traces the journey of Bhola from an ordinary boatman's family to the corridors of power, how he realizes that the ability to pull a trigger is his climbing ladder to respect, acceptability and the ultimate lure..power. The story moves from ordinary village struggles,to inter gang strifes and finally the altar of elected power, the ultimate purifier. The rustic backdrop of the gangetic plain serves as an ideal foil to the story almost becoming a character.We see Bhola's love, friendships all tested in a ruthless world of deceit & violence. The film does not glorify or condemns anything but strives to remain an unbiased observer.

Bandook Uncensored Theatrical Trailer

Bandook (2013)
Genre  Crime
Release Date  18 January 2013
Directed by  Aditya Om
Written by  Aditya Om
Produced by  Aditya Singh
   Aditya Om - Bhola Kevat
   Manisha Kelkar - Kajri
   Arshad Khan - Lochan Singh Yadav
   Ashish Kotwal - Hari Om Tripathi
   Gauri Shankar - Police Inspector Puttu Tiwari
   Virendra Singh - Virendra Singh
Music by  Nikhil Kamath
Lyrics by  Kapil Sibal,Shiv Sagar,Aditya Om
Additional & Promotional Music by  Avan - Veeral
Singers  Late Jagjit Singh, Rekha Bhardwaj, Bandana Sharma ,Altaf Raja, Nikhil Kamath, Tori Dattaroy, Raju Bhavsar, Lavan and Shahid Mallya
Cinematography  P. Amar Kumar, Siddharth Kay, Devashish Sarkaar
Studio  Modern Cinema
Language  Hindi
Country  India

Bandook - Poster / Images (2013)