Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lloyd The Conqueror (2012)

About Movie
Lloyd the Conqueror is new Epic comedy film, directed & written by Michael Peterson with co-written by Andrew Herman and film produced by Brendan Hunter and Matthew Robert Kelly. The film starring with Brian Posehn, Mike Smith, Evan Willams and Harland Williams. The film featuring Dave Pierce and Donovan Seidle who composed all music for this movie.

The film set will be hits in theaters on January 2013.
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Lloyd The Conqueror (2012) - Trailer

Lloyd the Conqueror features LLOYD, a lazy college student with big dreams for the future and his two best friends PATRICK and OSWALD. Desperately needing to pass their college Medieval Literature class in order to keep their financial aid, our heroes beg their teacher for extra credit work. Their professor, DEREK, concedes but only on one condition: They must join his deteriorating LARPing league and battle against him in a game of Demons & Dwarves. Unbeknowst to the students, Derek, a long reigning champion twisted to the dark side by his years of intense academic study has amassed a mighty army in the field behind the Elementary School. To prevail against his Horde of Chaos, Lloyd must enlist the help of CASSANDRA, ex-cage fighter and “Self Defense for Women” instructor and ANDY, local gaming merchant and former White Wizard, Champion of the Light who enjoys wrestling without clothes on.

On their quest to victory, our hapless students must match wits with a pack of crazed DANES whose bloodlust can only be sated after posting their victories online; the muscle-bound LEOPOLD who leaves the Sanitarium only to beat Lloyd and friends at the game he takes a little too seriously; and the stuck up VULCAN, a Science Fiction Larper who would sooner break the Prime Directive than cut our heroes some slack. The journey forces Lloyd and the boys to do some actual work for once including throwing ‘magic’ tinfoil balls, deciding which household items are most effective in slaying trolls, and questioning society’s hero worship of George Washington Carver.

Lloyd the Conqueror takes place in the eccentric and comedic world of Live Action Role Playing (LARPing). For those of you who are not familiar with this activity think of the game elements of Dungeons and Dragons, take it out of your basement and into the real world, adding homemade costumes and foam weapons. Throw it all into a real-live battle and only then can you begin to grasp the uncanny world of the LARP.

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