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About Movie
Girl Model is a documentary thriller movie, that tells about actually what happen in modeling world with girls, newcomer models, what's model's real life, struggling, truth of this Industry's, all about exploring behind the scene with girls and open secrets about industry's 'supply chain' which is connecting with Siberia, Japan, and the U.S., and these story told through the experiences of the scouts, agencies, and a 13-year-old model.

Directed by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin, also produced and written script for Girl Model. The film featuring Ashley Arbaugh plays herself, Rachel Blais plays herself and Nadya Vall also plays herself in lead roles. For it's photography credit goes to a fantastic photographer and it's director and producers David Redmon and Ashley Sabin.

Girl Model won Award at Rome Film Festival Marc'Aurelio Award for Best Documentary in the Extra Section & EnelCuore Prize.

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Despite a lack of obvious similarities between Siberia and Tokyo, a thriving model industry connects these distant regions. Girl Model follows two protagonists involved in this industry: Ashley, a deeply ambivalent model scout who scours the Siberian countryside looking for fresh faces to send to the Japanese market, and one of her discoveries, Nadya, a 13-year-old plucked from her rustic home in Russia and dropped into the center of bustling Tokyo with promises of a profitable career. After Ashley's initial discovery of Nadya, they rarely meet again, but their stories are inextricably bound. As Nadya's optimism about rescuing her family from financial hardship grows, her dreams contrast against Ashley's more jaded outlook about the industry's corrosive influence.

Girl Model (2011)
Genre Documentary | Thriller
Release Date 5 September 2012 (USA) :: view more screening at: http://www.girlmodelthemovie.com/screenings.html
Directed by David Redmon, Ashley Sabin
Produced by Ashley Sabin, David Redmon
Consulting producer(s) Marcy Garriott, Robert Garriott
- Ashley Arbaugh - Herself
- Rachel Blais - Herself
- Nadya Vall - Herself
Music by Matthew Dougherty, Eric Taxier
Cinematography by David Redmon, Ashley Sabin
Studio Carnivalesque Films
Distributed by Dogwoof Pictures
Editing by Alan Canant, Darius Marder, David Redmon, Ashley Sabin
Country USA | Russia | Japan | France
Language English | Japanese | Russian
Run time  78min
Official Sites  Official-site  |  Facebook Page
Special Thanks
- Natalie Difford
- Philipp Engelhorn
- Leah Giblin
- Adella Ladjevardi

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