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Toad Road (2012)

About Movie
A  Jason Banker's horror and thriller flick "Toad Road", also written and produced, featuring Sara Anne Jones, Whitleigh Higuera, James Davidson, Scott Rader, Donnie Simmons,  Andy Martin, Jamie Siebold, Damon Johansen, Jim Driscoll.

Toad Road” captures a disturbing portrait of contemporary youth culture where the lines between perception and reality are blurred with often frightening results.

World Premiere of “Toad Road” at the 16th annual Fantasia International Film Festival in MontrĂ©al in 26th July, 2012. And Toad Road Movie wins Best Director for Jason Banker & Best Actor for James Davidson at Fantasia International Film Festival

News Reaction
“A pretty terrific debut – a consistently absorbing film” – indieWIRE

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Toad Road (2012)
Genre  Horror | Thriller
Release Date
    26 July 2012 (Fantasia International Film Festival - Canada)
    2013 (USA)
Directed by  Jason Banker
Written by  Jason Banker
Produced by  Jason Banker, Elizabeth Levine, Adrian Salpeter
  - Sara Anne Jones  -  Sara
  - Whitleigh Higuera  -  Whitleigh
  - James Davidson  -  James
  - Scott Rader  -  Scott
  - Donnie Simmons  -  Donnie
  - Andy Martin  -  Psychiatrist
  - Jamie Siebold  -  Jamie
  - Damon Johansen  -  Uncle Damon
  - Jim Driscoll  -  Detective
Music by  Dag Rosenqvist
Studio  Random Bench Productions
Country  USA
Language  English
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