Monday, September 17, 2012

Smashed (2012)

About Movie
James Ponsoldt has directed a fantastic comedy-drama super flick called 'Smashed', he also co-written with script writer Susan Burke, major producers Jennifer Cochis, Jonathan Schwartz, Andrea Sperling, and Smashed was filmed in only 19 days. And it's received R rating from MPAA for drugs uses, alcohol, abuse, language and some sexual content, that means restricted for under 17th years old boys/girls and requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

Smashed film already won Special Jury Prize award for it's Excellence Dramatic concept by producers Andrea Sperling and Jonathan Schwartz, and also nominated for Grand Jury Prize Award for dramatic to James Ponsoldt at 2012 Sundance Film Festival, premieredon Jan. 22nd, 2012; also premiered at Deauville Film Festival in  France on 6th Sep. 2012; at Toronto International Film Festival in Canada on 12th Sep. 2012. Now it's scheduled to be released in USA theaters on 12th Oct., 2012.

The film starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Die Hard film series plays as Lucy Gennero-McClane; Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), Aaron Paul, Octavia Spencer, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally.

Smashed (2012) | Trailer

Smashed - 2012 'Official Poster'
Smashed - 2012 'Official Poster'

Kate and Charlie like to have a good time. Their marriage thrives on a shared fondness for music, laughter… and getting smashed. When Kate’s partying spirals into hard-core asocial behavior, compromising her job as an elementary schoolteacher, something’s got to give. But change isn’t exactly a cakewalk. Sobriety means she will have to confront the lies she’s been spinning at work, her troubling relationship with her mother, and the nature of her bond with Charlie.

Smashed (2012)
Genre  Comedy | Drama
Release Date  12 October 2012 (USA) | 22 January, 2012 (Sundance Film Festival)
MPAA Rating  R (drugs use, alcohol abuse, language, sexual content)
Directed by  James Ponsoldt
Produced by  Jennifer Cochis, Jonathan Schwartz, Andrea Sperling
Written by  James Ponsoldt, Susan Burke
  - Mary Elizabeth Winstead  -  Kate Hannah
  - Aaron Paul  -  Charlie Hannah
  - Octavia Spencer  -  Jenny
  - Nick Offerman  -  Dave Davies
  - Megan Mullally  -  Principal Barnes
  - Mary Kay Place  -  Rochelle
  - Kyle Gallner  -  Owen Hannah
  - Bree Turner  -  Freda
  - Mackenzie Davis  -  Millie
  - Patti Allison  -  Rocky
  - Richmond Arquette  -  Arlo
  - Natalie Dreyfuss  -  Amber
  - Anjini Taneja Azhar  -  Winnie
  - Susan Burke  -  Cora
  - Danilo Di Julio  -  Jimmy 
Music by  Eric D. Johnson, Andy Cabic
Cinematography  Tobias Datum
Editing by  Suzanne Spangler
Casting by  Avy Kaufman
Studio  Super Crispy Entertainment
Distributed by  Sony Pictures Classics
Run time  85 minutes
Country  USA
Language  English
Budget  $1,000,000