Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ginger & Rosa (2012)

About Movie
Ginger & Rosa, directed by Sally Potter, stars Elle Fanning, Alessandro Nivola, Christina Hendricks, Timothy Spall, Jodhi May, Annette Bening and Alice Englert - in cinemas nationwide 19 October. The film premieres at Toronto Film Festival and will also show at the 56th BFI London Film Festival.

Ginger & Rosa is a dramatic film, it's won one award at 2012 Valladolid International Film Festival for Best Actress by Elle Fanning, And nominated of 3 more awards for British Independent Film Award, Critics Choice Award and Best Film of 2012.

The film premiered at film festivals they are -
Telluride Film Festival (USA) - 31 August 2012
Toronto International Film Festival (Canada) - 7 September 2012
New York Film Festival (USA) - 8 October 2012
London Film Festival (UK) - 13 October 2012
Valladolid International Film Festival (Spain) - 23 October 2012
Starz Denver Film Festival (USA) - 2 November 2012
Morelia International Film Festival (Mexico) - 4 November 2012
Turin Film Festival (Italy) - 1 December 2012

The film is scheduled to released in USA on February 1st, 2013, in Denmark & Germany on April 11th, 2013.

London, 1962. Two teenage girls – Ginger and Rosa ­- are inseparable; they play truant together, discuss religion, politics and hairstyles, and dream of lives bigger than their mothers’ frustrated domesticity. But, as the Cold War meets the sexual revolution, and the threat of nuclear holocaust escalates, the lifelong friendship of the two girls is shattered - by the clash of desire and the determination to survive.

Ginger & Rosa (2012) | Trailer [Source: youtube]

Ginger & Rosa (2012)
Genre  Drama
Release Date  19 October 2012 (UK)
Directed & Written by  Sally Potter
Produced by  Andrew Litvin, Christopher Sheppard
  - Elle Fanning  -  Ginger
  - Alice Englert  -  Rosa
  - Christina Hendricks  -  Natalie
  - Annette Bening  -  May Bella
  - Alessandro Nivola  -  Roland
  - Jodhi May  -  Anoushka
  - Oliver Milburn  -  Roger
  - Greg Bennett  -  Demo Policeman
  - Andrew Hawley  -  Tony
  - Richard Strange  -  Man at Dinner Party
  - Marcus Shakesheff  -  Teddy Boy Driver
  - Matt Hookings  -  Policeman
  - Philip Harvey  -  Demo Policeman
  - Andy Joy  -  Crucifer
  - Robin Harvey  -  CND Protester
Cinematography by  Robbie Ryan
Editing by  Anders Refn
Casting by  Irene Lamb, Heidi Levitt
Studio  Adevture Pictures, Media House Capital, Miso Film, Danish Film Institute, The Match Factory
Distributed by  Artificial Eye Films, BFI, BBC Films
Runtime  90min
Country  UK | Denmark | Canada | Croatia
Language  English
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