Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Unter Frauen -( 2012) German movie

About Movie
The smart, handsome Alex (Sebastian Stroebel) is such a macho that his exes decide one day to work together to take revenge on him. Alex wakes up after a traumatic accident in a strange parallel world where there are only women. Here there undurchbrechliche harmony, children come to desire and all see themselves enormously. But the worst part: He is himself a wife and best friend Silvio (Fahri Yardim) now called Silvia! Alex must somehow escape this hell. Ironically, in this parallel world, however, he meets Paula (Alexandra Neldel). Is she the one? Or is it the other world, or his new experiences that he feels feelings for this woman, as she had never before felt for a woman? He wants to return to the normal world, but with Paula ...

Unter Frauen (2012)
Genre  Comedy | Romance
Release Date  20 September 2012 (Germany)
Directed by  Hansjörg Thurn
Written by  Sarah Schnier
Produced by  Ivo-Alexander Beck
  - Sebastian Ströbel  -  Alex/Alexandra Hagen
  - Alexandra Neldel  -  Paula Pelzer
  - Fahri Ögün Yardim  -  Silvio/Silvia
  - Grit Boettcher  -  Anneliese Pelzer

Music by  Martin Todsharow
Cinematography by  Markus Hausen
Editing by  Ollie Lanvermann
Casting by  Emrah Ertem
Studio  Filmpool Film und Fernsehproduktion, Ninety-Minute Film, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)
Distributed by  Warner bros. pictures, NFP marketing & distribution, drei-freunde
Country  Germany
Language  German
Official-site  www.unterfrauen-derfilm.de

Unter Frauen - ( 2012) | Trailer