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Liberal Arts (2012)

Liberal Arts (2012)
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About Movie
IFC films presents a Josh Radnor's (the director and writter of  hit comedy-drama film 'happythankyoumoreplease' of 2010) comedy-drama film 'LIBERAL ARTS' it's premiered on 22 January, 2012 at Sundance Film Festival.
The film story based on the 35 year old man and a 19 year old college student's romantic relationship, Josh Radnor play 35 year-old man as 'Jesse' and Elizabeth Olsen play 19 year-old college girl as 'Zibby', and other cast including Richard Jenkins and Allison Janney.

It's a really funny and romantic movie about young and elder relationship in college days, it's Josh Radnor's most powerful film, Josh Radnor is a really excellent director, he is work as Actor, Writer and Film director and also Emmy Award winner for Acting.
The film released limited in USA on 14 September, 2012.

Liberal Arts (2012)
Genre  Comedy | Drama
Release Date  14 September, 2012 (USA - limited)
Directed by  Josh Radnor
Produced by  Brice Dal Farra, Claude Dal Farra, Jesse Hara, Lauren Munsch, Josh Radnor, Bryan Thomas (co-producer), Paul Prokop (executive producer)
Screenplay by  Josh Radnor
  - Zac Efron  -  Nat
  - Josh Radnor  -  Jesse
  - Elizabeth Olsen  -  Zibby
  - Allison Janney  -  Prof. Judith Fairfield
  - Richard Jenkins  -  Prof. Peter Hoberg
  - Elizabeth Reaser  -  Ana
  - Michael Weston  -  Miles
  - Kate Burton  -  Susan
  - John Magaro  -  Dean
  - Kristen Bush  -  Leslie
  - Robert Desiderio  -  David
  - Angelic Zambrana  -  Tina
  - Gregg Edelman  -  Robert - History Prof.
  - Ali Ahn  -  Vanessa
  - Travis Alan McAfee  -  Laundromat Thief
Music by  Ben Toth
Cinematography  Seamus Tierney
Editing by  Michael R. Miller
Casting by  Deborah Maxwell Dion, Jessica Kelly, Suzanne Smith Crowley
Production Design by  Jade Healy
Studio  BCDF Pictures, Tom Sawyer Entertainment
Distributed by  IFC Films
Filming locations  Columbus and Gambier, Ohio, USA
Country  USA
Language  English

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Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Radnor
still from 'Liberal Arts (2012)'
Elizabeth Olsen
still form 'Liberal Arts (2012)'
Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Radnor
still form 'Liberal Arts (2012)'