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Jack and Diane (2012)

Jack and Diane (2012)
Jack and Diane (2012)

About Movie
Jack and Diane is a romance-horror film, directed, co-produced and written by Bradley Rust Gray with Karin Chien, Jen Gatien and So Yong Kim producers. The film starring with Juno Temple, Riley Keough and Dane DeHaan, release in theaters on 2 November, 2012.

Jack and Diane received R rating from Motion Picture Rating (MPAA) for strong sexual content including nudity and an assault, bloody violence, language and drinking - all involving teens, and the film nominated for Best Narrative Feature award at Tribeca Film Festival 2012 to the director Bradley Rust Gray.

Jack and Diane, two teenage girls, meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously. Diane's charming innocence quickly begins to open Jack's tough skinned heart. But when Jack discovers that Diane is moving, she pushes her away. Unable to grasp her new feelings, Diane's emotions begin to cause unexplainable violent changes to her body. Through these awkward and insecure feelings, the two girls must struggle to turn their first love into an enduring one.

Jack and Diane (2012)
Jack and Diane (2012)

Jack and Diane (2012)
Genre  Drama | Horror | Romance
Release Date  2 November 2012 (USA)
Directed by  Bradley Rust Gray
Written by  Bradley Rust Gray
Produced by  Bradley Rust Gray, Karin Chien, Jen Gatien, So Yong Kim
Executive producers  Ricardo Costa Reis, Rui Costa Reis, Eliad Josephson, Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli, Riaz Tyab, Thysson George Williams (co-executive producer)
  - Juno Temple  -  Diane
  - Riley Keough  -  Jack
  - Dane DeHaan  -  Chris
  - Kylie Minogue  -  Tara
  - Leo Fitzpatrick  -  Joby
  - Haviland Morris  -  Jack's Mom
  - Cara Seymour  -  Aunt Linda
  - Michael Chernus  -  Jaimie
  - Neal Huff  -  Passenger
  - Rock Kohli  -  Indian Cab Driver
  - Jen Ponton  -  Stacy
  - Jennifer Appel  -  Hipster
  - Michael Jefferson  -  Partier
  - Lena Gora  -  Kissing Girl
  - Bryan Williams  -  Pedestrian
Cinematography by  Anne Misawa
Casting by  Sig De Miguel, Stephen Vincent
Production Design by  Chris Trujillo
Studio  Deerjen Films, RCR Media Group
Distributed by  Magnolia Pictures
Filming Locations  New York City, New York, USA
Run time  110min
Country  USA
Language  English

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Jack and Diane (2012)