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Horror Stories (2012)

About Movie
Horror Stories Directors involved in the film include Min Kyu-Dong ("All About My Wife"/"Memento Mori"), Jung Bum-Sik ("The Epitaph"), Lim Dae-Woong ("To Sir With Love"), Hong Ji-Young ("The Naked Kitchen") and brothers Kim Gok & Kim Sun ("White: Melody of Death").

Horror Stories begins with a woman kidnapped by a serial killer and in order to survive she must tell the scariest stories. Four short stories follow,

Four Stories, five directors gathered to tell their own horror stories.

Don’t Answer to the Door: Two kids left alone at home at late night and a stranger attacks them. All they could do is hide from the stranger and pray their mother to be back soon.

Endless Flight: After murdering series of people including a flight attendant, the killer is being transferred by a plane on which the killed flight attendant should have been.

Secret Recipe: Two step sisters, can they ever get along? This is cruel and twisted fairy tale of two jealous step sisters.

Ambulance on the Death Zone: 5 people are on an ambulance, running away from zombies. But are they sure there are not infected in this ambulance.

Horror Stories will have its world premiere at the upcoming Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) on July 19th and then have its general release July 26 in Korea and other on 1 November 2012.

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Horror Stories (2012)
Genre  Horror
Release Date  25 July, 2012 (South Korea)  |  1 November 2012
Director(s)  Kim Gok, Kim Sun, Lim Dae-woong, Jung Bum-shik, Hong Jee-yong
Produced by  PARK Ja-myung, JE Jeong-ju, KIM Yeon Ho
Cast  Kim Ji-young, Jeong Eun-chae, nam Bo-ra, Kim Hyeon Soo
Studio  Soo Film, Daisy Entertainment
Distributed by  Daisy Entertainment
Run time  108min
Country  South Korea
Language  Korean
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