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A Night in the Woods (2012)

A Night in the Woods (2012)
A Night in the Woods (2012)

About Movie
A Night in the Woods is 2011 horror film, directed by Richard Parry (the makers of Bronson and Monsters) and produced by Nick Love, Allan Niblo, James Richardson and Huberta Von Liel producers and Vertigo Films. The film star Scoot McMairy play role as Brody Cartwright, Anna Skellern play role as Kerry Hastings and Andrew Hawley as Leo.
The film scheduled to be released in UK theaters on 7 September, 2012.

Brody, his girlfriend Kerry and their friend Leo go hiking in Dartmoor's Wistman's Woods, so named because of its legendary haunted past. That night jealousies, sexual tensions and strained relationships come to a head turning what should have been a peaceful camping adventure into a trip to terror. As collective paranoia reaches fever pitch it becomes clear that there is a much darker force at work in the ancient eerie surroundings.

A Night in the Woods (2012)
Genre  Horror
Release Date  7 September 2012 (UK)
Directed by  Richard Parry
Produced by  Nick Love, Allan Niblo, James Richardson, Huberta Von Liel (co-producer)
  - Scoot McNairy  -  Brody Cartwright
  - Anna Skellern  -  Kerry Hastings
  - Andrew Hawley  -  Leo
Cinematography by  Simon Dennis        
Editing by  Christine Pancott
Studio  Vertigo Films
Distributed by  Front Row Filmed Entertainment
Country  UK
Language  English

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