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Sleeper's Wake (2012)

About Movie
Ken Kaplan & Anant Singh present in association with Bioskope Pictures, Liquid Crayon & Videovision Entertainment A Barry Berk Film 'SLEEPER’S WAKE'; A powerful South African movie based on the award-winning novel.

Internationally celebrated South African author, AndrĂ© Brink (A Dry White Season) had this to say about Alistair Morgan’s debut novel Sleeper’s Wake:

“Not in a very long time have I read something that gripped me so intensely…the developing relationship between John and Jackie is handled deftly and in fact brilliantly, and the mixture of the erotic and the mysterious is wonderfully balanced: both strong and restrained, forceful and delicate. Quite a tour de force … I often felt like scribbling “Bravo!” in the margin.”

Sleeper’s Wake marks the second feature film co-production between Producer Ken Kaplan’s Bioskope Pictures and Anant Singh’s Videovision Entertainment.

The film is the first feature collaboration between Ken Kaplan and Barry Berk, who worked together previously on the writing team of The Lab, a drama series set in the world of high finance for South African television. Their association goes back over 15 years to their student days at New York University’s prestigious Graduate Film Program.  Both studied at NYU before returning to South Africa to pursue their filmmaking careers.

John Wraith (46) regains consciousness in hospital. His mind awash with drugs and amnesia. A huge centipede of a scar spread across his forehead. From a motorcar accident in which his wife and daughter died. Because he fell asleep at the wheel.

To heal and find solace he goes to Nature’s Cove, a wild, unspoilt coastal settlement in South Africa, where most of the holiday homes are boarded up and eerily empty over the winter months.  It is there that John comes across a 17 year-old girl, Jackie, weeping softly in a boat outside a chalet. He endeavours to help her but she turns on him, blackmailing him, wanting money or she’ll tell everyone that he tried to rape her.

John retreats to his chalet paranoid and fearful. That night the young girl’s father, Roelf, comes to apologise for his daughter’s behaviour. He tells John that Jackie’s been struggling since her mother was murdered in front of her during a vicious robbery at their home.

Despite Jackie’s father’s watchful eye and the ominous presence of Dirk, a gun-toting security guard who wants Jackie to marry him, John and Jackie are drawn inexorably toward one another; he the middle-aged grieving widow, she the Lolita, wise beyond her years, united in their grief and guilt for the death of a loved one. Inevitably, a dangerous physical attraction develops between them. And then, despite the peril of being discovered, John and Jackie consummate their relationship.

John immediately decides to leave but goes to the lagoon to take one last swim. Only to be followed in by Jackie. Both of them naked. But Roelf and Dirk discover them. Jackie immediately swims ashore. Leaving John to confront her murderous father and suitor.

John manages to escape, running blindly through the forest to the safety of his forest cabin. When he arrives, the door is ajar. Did Roelf get there before him? Or Dirk? Nothing can prepare John for what awaits him in this vicious and profoundly shocking ending.

Sleeper’s Wake will screen in Main Competition at the Durban International Film Festival on 20 July 2012

Sleeper's Wake (2012)
Genre  Thriller | Horror | Adult
Release Date  2012
Directed by  Barry berk
Produced by  Ken kaplan
Screenplay by  Barry Berk
Based on the novel “Sleeper’s Wake”  By Alistair Morgan
Executive producers  Ronnie Apteker, Barry Berk, Richard Cohen, Robert Naidoo, Sudhir Pragjee, Anant Singh
  - Lionel Newton  -  John wraith
  - Akin Omotoso  -  Doctor
  - Vatiswa Ndara  -  Nurse
  - Amanda Lane  -  Rebecca
  - Carl Beukes  -  Trevor shipley
  - Erica Wessels  -  Lara shipley
  - Tania Zeeman  -  Deborahwraith
  - Drew Zeeman  -  Isabellewraith
  - Stiaan Smith  -  Dirk
  - Jay Anstey  -  Jackie venter
  - Andre Stolz  -  Erns
  - Nana Stapelberg  -  Erns’s wife
  - Deon Lotz  -  Roelf venter
  - Luke Tyler  -  Simon venter
  - Hanli Rolfes  -  Jackie’s mom
  - Bayo Jwayi  -  Doreen
Editing by  Vuyani Sondlo
Music by  Daniel Caleb, Jamie Matthe
Cinematographer  Willie Nel
Language English
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