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Simple Moves (2012)

About Movie
Simple Moves is a  mystery-thriller film which is based on the life of an Russian boy Aleksandr Lvanov, played by Pau Masó, who loss of his family and he falls into the world of homosexual prostitution, ultimately trying to come into terms with who he thinks he is. The film creater exploring the world of the gay community of New York City's youth, they using of alcohol and drugs, overall showing the gay life.

'Simple Moves' film directed, screenplay, produced, film editing by Pau Masó, and produced by his production company 'Maso & Co Productions', with co-director by David Damen, Pau Masó also play main lead role as Aleksandr Lvanov and othe stars including Anatoli Grek, Josh Berresford, Samantha Glovin and Keith Dougherty.

The production of this film shooting it in the New York at Manhattan, New York City.

Simple Moves (2012)
Genre  Drama | Mystery | Thriller | Gay
Release Date  2013
Directed by  Pau Masó, David Damen (co-director)
Screenplay by  Pau Masó
Story by  Pau Masó
Translation by  Evgheni Ostapciuc
Produced by  Pau Masó
Executive producers  Emili Masó, Dolors Coromina
  - Pau Masó  -  Aleksandr Ivanov
  - Anatoli Grek  -  Dr. Mary
  - Josh Berresford  -  Keith
  - Samantha Glovin  -  Emma
  - Keith Dougherty  -  Tom
  - Danny Boushebel  -  Clive
  - Olivier Canovas  -  Nathan
  - Roland Max  -  John
  - Marc I. Daniels  -  Joseph
  - Raymond Mamrak  -  Man on Subway
  - Terrence Hewitt  -  The Host
  - Roy Pollack  -  Kyle
  - Mark Eugene Garcia  -  Michael
Cinematography by  David Damen
Editing by  Pau Masó
Studio  Maso & Co Productions, White Shark Pictures (in association with)
Distributed by  CreateSpace, Maso & Co Productions
Filming Locations  Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Country  USA
Language  English | Russian (English Subtitles)

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