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Man of Steel (2013) | Superman Movie

About Movie
Man of Steel is a Superman film series flick and it's new flim is re-produced this Superman film series, based upon Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster and published by DC Comics.
Director screenwriter and producer Christopher Nolan after the promoting and directed the 'The Dark Knight Rises' film he now producing and co-written superhero film of a Superman film series's new movie 'Man of Steel' withe new story and new face of superhero, Superman role play by Henry Cavill (Immortals's hero). The film directed by the director of the movies '300' and 'Watchman'  - 'Zack Snyder'; screenplay by David S. Goyer; story by Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer and produced by Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas, Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder or film presents by Warner Bros. Pictures.
The film stars including Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Russell Crowe.
Mostly film set shoot film in California, USA and British Columbia, Canada's area.
Budget of this film reached at $175 million.

The film set will be released in theaters on 14 June, 2013.

Warner Bros Pictures has announced that Man of Steel film will get a 3D & Imax release in select theaters - 9/11/2012

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill (Immortals) as Clark Kent, a young journalist who was born Kal-El: a survivor of the fallen alien planet Krypton, transported to Earth by his parents Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer). Small-town farmers Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane) raise Kal-El as their son, imbuing him with a strong sense of integrity and compassion so that he learn to use his extraordinary powers responsibly – even in a troubled world that views him as a threat, rather than a potential savior.

Man of Steel (2013)
Genre  Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Release Date  14 June, 2013
Directed by  Zack Snyder
Produced by  Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas, Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder
Executive producers  Thomas Tull, Lloyd Phillips
Screenplay by  David S. Goyer
Story by  Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer
Characters by  Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel
  - Henry Cavill  -  Clark Kent / Superman
  - Amy Adams  -  Lois Lane
  - Russell Crowe  -  Jor-El
  - Kevin Costner  -  Jonathan Kent
  - Diane Lane  -  Martha Kent
  - Michael Shannon  -  General Zod
  - Christopher Meloni  -  Colonel Hardy
  - Laurence Fishburne  -  Perry White
  - Jadin Gould  -  Lana Lang
  - Ayelet Zurer  -  Lara Lor-Van
  - Dylan Sprayberry  -  Clark Kent at 13
  - Tahmoh Penikett  -  Henry Ackerdson
  - Antje Traue  -  Faora
  - Michael Kelly  -  Steve Lombard
  - David Paetkau  -  Threat Analyst
Music by  Hans Zimmer
Cinematography  Amir Mokri
Editing by  David Brenner
Studio  Legendary Pictures, Syncopy Films, DC Entertainment
Distributed by  Warner Bros. Pictures
Country  USA | Canada
Filming Locations USA | Canada
Language  English
Budget  $175 million

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