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Lola Versus the World (2012)

About Movie
Lola (Greta Gerwig) is in his late twenties and full of enthusiasm in the midst of wedding preparations. When her fiance, Luke (Joel Kinnaman) they can sit three weeks before the big day, she falls from the clouds. In order to bring them back on their feet, lead her best friend Alice (Zoe Lister Jones) and Henry (Hamish Linklater), the most questionable methods in the field of online sex Search over excessive benders up to dance on the bar. But Lola she gets used to slowly back to the single life and dating Robin and her parents (Debra Winger) and Lenny (Bill Pullman), are not really a big help. After unsuccessful one-night stands with skaters and prison architects and because of her troubled self-consciousness, she goes finally into therapy because they can not accept the fact that their once so perfectly planned life completely at one time standing on its head.

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Lola Versus the World (2012)
Original title  Lola gegen den Rest der Welt
Genre  Comedy
Release Date  29th November, 2012
Directed by  Daryl Wine
Screenplay by  Daryl Wine, Zoe Lister-Jones
Produced by  Jocelyn Hayes, Michael London, Janice Williams
Co-producer  Jonathan Starch, Matthew Myers
Executive producer  Philip Moross
  - Greta Gerwig  -  Lola
  - Zoe Lister-Jones  -  Alice
  - Hamish Linklater  -  Henry
  - Cheyenne Jackson  -  Roger
  - Bill Pullman  -  Lenny
  - Debra Winger  -  Robyn
  - Joel Kinnaman  -  Luke
  - Ebon Moss-Bachrach  -  Nick Oyster
Studio  Groundswell Productions
Distributed by  20th Century Fox (Canada), Fox Searchlight Pictures (USA)
Run time  87 minutes
Filming Locations  New York City, New York, USA
Language  English | Deutsch | German
Country  USA

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