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About Movie
Bait is a Australian horrer-thriller-action film presents by Anchor Bay Films, Screen Australia, Media Development Authority (MDA); film directed by Kimble Rendall and written by John Kim, Russell Mulcahy with four co-writers Shayne Armstrong, Duncan Kennedy, Shane Krause and Justin Monjo.

The film stars including young Australian casts, starring Phoebe Tonkin, Alex Russell, Julian McMahon, Xavier Samuel and Sharni Vinson. Xavier Samuel and Sharni Vinson play a former couple role and who see each other in supermarket after a year of their break-up. And the story turn when a robbery event happen and same time tsunami comes in supermarket, and the water come a white tiger sharks, than everyone wants her/his life to save and at last the young stars fight with sharks.

The film hits in theaters on 18 September, 2012 in Belgium.

Bait 3D (2012) | Official Trailer

Bait 3D (2012)
Genre  Action | Horror | Thriller
Release Date  18 September 2012 (Belgium)
Directed by  Kimble Rendall 
Written by  John Kim, Russell Mulcahy
Co-writters  Shayne Armstrong, Duncan Kennedy, Shane Krause, Justin Monjo
Produced by   Peter Barber, Todd Fellman, Gary Hamilton
  - Xavier Samuel  - Josh
  - Julian McMahon  - Doyle
  - Phoebe Tonkin  - Jaimie
  - Sharni Vinson  - Tina
  - Dan Wyllie  -
  - Alex Russell  - Ryan
  - Lincoln Lewis  - Kyle
  - Cariba Heine  - Heather
  - Alice Parkinson  - Naomi
  - Richard Brancatisano  - Rory
  - Damien Garvey  -
  - Martin Sacks  - Todd
  - Nicholas McCallum  - Oceania Store Owner
Music by  Joe Ng, Alex Oh
Cinematography by  Ross Emery
Editing by  Rodrigo Balart
Studio  Screen Australia, Media Development Authority (MDA), Blackmagic Design Films
Distributed by  Anchor Bay Films (USA)
Budget  AUD 20,000,000 (estimated)
Filming locations  Queensland, Australia
Country  Australia
Language  English

Bait 3D (2012) | Gallery
Bait 3D (2012)
Bait 3D (2012)
Bait 3D (2012)
Bait 3D (2012)
Bait 3D (2012)
Bait 3D (2012)