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About Cherry (2012)

About Movie
About Cherry (original title: Cherry) is based on the young women, she arrives in San Francisco, where she gets involved in pornography industries and becomes involved with a cocaine addicted lawyer.
'About Cherry' film presents by IFC films, directed by Stephen Elliott and Screenplay by Lorelei Lee, Stephen Elliott.
Stars inluding Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, Heather Graham, Dev Patel and Lily Taylor.
The project was filmed in San Francisco and premiered at 2012 Berlin International Film Festival in Germany on 16 February, 2012; and the film hits on demand in theaters on 21 September, 2012 in USA.

Cherry is about Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw), an 18-year-old girl on the verge of finishing high school. Angelina’s family life is difficult. Her mother (Lili Taylor) is an alcoholic and her step-father is violent and unpredictable. One morning her boyfriend (Jonny Weston) suggests she take naked pictures for money. She balks at first but then does the photo shoot, using the money to run-off with her best friend (Dev Patel) to San Francisco. In San Francisco, while cocktailing in a strip club, Angelina meets Frances (James Franco) a well-off lawyer who offers to introduce her to a different kind of world, a place full of expensive dresses and fancy parties. But that world is not as perfect as it first appears and Frances has problems of his own. At the same time Angelina, using the moniker Cherry, has begun exploring the San Francisco porn industry under the direction of Margaret (Heather Graham) a former performer turned adult film director.

Cherry was shot in the San Francisco Armory, home of At 250,000 square feet the armory is the largest adult film studio in the world. Stephen Elliott, the director of Cherry is a former sex worker who is also the author of seven books. The movie was written by Stephen Elliott and Lorelei Lee, a porn performer who is also a writer and lecturer at New York University.

Cherry challenges assumptions about porn, sexuality, and success, and faces the difficult question of where you need to be in order to find yourself.

About Cherry (2012)
Original title  Cherry
Genre  Drama
Release Date  25 December 2012 (Norway)
  16 February 2012  -  Berlin International Film Festival  -  Germany
  24 April 2012  -  San Francisco International Film Festival  -  USA
  8 June 2012  -  Champs-Elysées Film Festival  -  France
  1 July 2012  -  Taipei Film Festival  -  Taiwan
  9 August 2012  -  Video On Demand  -  USA
  21 September 2012  -  Limited  -  USA
Directed by  Stephen Elliott
Screenplay by  Lorelei Lee, Stephen Elliott
Produced by  Elizabeth Destro, Gordon Bijelonic, Rick Dugdale, Jordan Kessler, Elana Krausz, Datari Turner
Co-producers  Joe D'Angerio, T.J. Mancini
Executive producers  Chris Kientz, Kim Leadford, David Ranes, Claire Severance
Casting by  Dominika Posserén
  - Ashley Hinshaw  -  Angelina
  - James Franco  -  Frances
  - Dev Patel  -  Andrew
  - Heather Graham  -  Margaret
  - Lili Taylor  -  Phyllis
  - Diane Farr  -  Jillian
  - Megan Boone  -  Jake
  - Jonny Weston  -
  - Steven Wiig  -
  - Zachary Culbertson  -
  - Ernest Waddell  -  Vaughn
  - Nelson Lee  -  Jessica
  - Elana Krausz  -  Lana
Music by  Jeff Russo
Cinematography  Darren Genet
Editing by  Michelle Botticelli
Studio  Enderby Entertainment, Gordon Bijelonic / Datari Turner Films
Distributed by  IFC Films
Run time  102 min
Country  USA
Language  English
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