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Klown (2012) | Klovn: The Movie

About Movie
Klown (Original title- Klovn: The Movie) is an upcoming adult comedy Danish language film, directed and co-written by Mikkel Nørgaard. The film presents by Drafthouse Films and Louise Vesth producer. Story of this film is "After making a wrong move, resulting in his brother-in-law falling off a ladder, Frank must take care of his nephew Bo and include him in an all-male canoe-trip, which was planned before the accident."  The film scheduled to released in USA on 27 July, 2012.
The length of this film is 1hour 29 minutes and music composed by Kristian Eidnes Andersen. About it's official poster two poster have adult content. When you see it's one official poster you confuse about that what is this ?  its a comedy film ya it's adult film.
But the film won 4 awards and nominates for 2 more awards. The film won two Zulu Awards in 2011 for Best Actor to Frank Hvam and Best Film to Mikkel Nørgaard, also won Audience Award in Robert Festival Award to Director  Mikkel Nørgaard and producer Louise Vesth in 2011 and the film also nominate for Best Actor to Casper Christensen for Zulu Award and nominate for Bodil Award in 2011 to Mikkel Nørgaard for Best film.
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Klown (2012)
Original title  Klovn: The Movie
Genre  Comedy
Release Date  27 July, 2012
Directed by  Mikkel Nørgaard
Screenplay by  Casper Christensen, Frank Hvam
Written by  Casper Christensen, Frank Hvam, Mikkel Nørgaard
Produced by  Louise Vesth
  - Frank Hvam  as  Frank
  - Casper Christensen  as  Casper
  - Marcuz Jess Petersen  as  Bo
  - Mia Lyhne  as  Mia
  - Iben Hjejle  as  Iben
  - Lars Hjortshøj  as  Hjortshøj
  - Tina Bilsbo  as  Tina Bilsbo
  - Mads Lisby  as  Mads
  - Anne Moen  as  Kathrine (as Anne Møen)
  - Niels Weyde  as  Ole
  - Elsebeth Steentoft  as  Pykker
  - Roger Kormind  as  Fætter Andreas
  - Michael Carøe  as  Carøe
  - Dya Josefine Hauch  as  Susan
  - Marie Mondrup  as  Ronja
Music by  Kristian Eidnes Andersen
Cinematography by  Jacob Banke Olesen
Studio  Zentropa Entertainments, TV2 Zulu, Zentropa Productions
Distributed by  Drafthouse Films, Nordisk Film (Denmark)
Editing by  Morten Egholm, Martin Schade   
Filming locations  Ry, Skanderborg Festival, Skanderborg, Silkeborg, Jylland, Denmark
Runtime  89 min
Country  Denmark
Language  Danish

Klown (2012) | Trailer

Klown (2012)| Official Poster