Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Words (2012)

About Movie
The Words is a thriller/drama movie, directed and written by Brian Klugman and Lee sternthal and the producer credit goes to Michael Benaroya, Cassian Elwes, Tatiana Kelly, Laura Rister and Jim Young.

In this film " A writer at the peak of his literary success discovers the steep price he must pay for stealing another man's work." The film starring with Bradley Cooper, Olivia Wilde, Zoe Saldana and Jeremy Irons.

The film distributed by CBS films. The film scheduled to release in cinemas on 21 Sep, 2012.

The Words (2012) | Trailer

The Words (2012)
Genre  Drama | Thriller
Release Date  21 September 2012 (USA)
Directed by  Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal
Produced by  Michael Benaroya, Cassian Elwes, Tatiana Kelly, Laura Rister, Jim Young
Screenplay by  Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal
Cast  Bradley Cooper, Olivia Wilde, Zoe Saldana, Jeremy Irons, Ben Barnes, Dennis Quaid
Cinematography  Antonio Calvache
Studio  Animus Films, Benaroya Pictures, Serena Films, Waterfall Media
Distributed by  CBS Films
Filming Locations  Montréal, Québec, Canada
Country  USA
Language  English