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Shadow Dancer (2012)

About Movie
Shadow Dancer is an upcoming British thriller/drama film based on novel of same name by Tom Brandby, directed by James Marsh who made Oscar-winning documentary 'Man On Wire'. The film film was screened in February 2012 at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival and in theaters released on 24 Aug, 2012. The film starring Clive Owen as Mac, Andrea Riseborough as Colette McVeigh, Gillian Anderson as Kate Fletcher and Aidan Gillen as Gerry. In this film Andrea Riseborough as a Belfast mother who, along with two of her brothers, is active in the Irish Republican Army when she gets offered a deal by an British intelligence officer (Clive Owen) to turn against her colleagues and become an informant or else go to prison.

The film screening at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012 and won Best Performance in a British Feature Film Award to Brid Brennan (as Bríd Brennan) and Andrea Riseborough and the film also nominated for The Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film Award to Best Film (James Marsh).

Shadow Dancer (2012)
Genre  Drama | Thriller
Release Date  24 August 2012 (UK)
   24 January 2012 (USA)  (Sundance Film Festival)
   12 February 2012 (Germany)  (Berlin International Film Festival)
   28 March 2012 (France)  (Beaune Film Festival)
   24 August 2012 (UK)
   20 September 2012 (Netherlands)
   15 November 2012 (Argentina)
Directed by  James Marsh
Screenplay by   Tom Bradby
Based on Novel by  Tom Bradby
    Clive Owen    Mac
    Andrea Riseborough    Colette McVeigh
    Gillian Anderson    Kate Fletcher
    Aidan Gillen    Gerry
    Domhnall Gleeson    Connor
    Brid Brennan    Ma
    David Wilmot    Kevin Mulville
    Stuart Graham    Ian Gilmour
    Martin McCann    Brendan
Studio  BBC Films, Element Pictures, Irish Film Board (funding), UKFS, Unanimous Pictures
Distributed by  ATO Pictures, Lumière, Paramount Pictures, IPA Asia Pacific, Tanweer Films
Cinematography  Rob Hardy
Filming Locations  Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Runtime  101 min
Country  UK | Ireland
Language  English

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Shadow Dancer (2012)
Shadow Dancer (2012)
Shadow Dancer (2012)
Shadow Dancer (2012)
Shadow Dancer (2012)
Shadow Dancer (2012)
Shadow Dancer (2012)
Shadow Dancer (2012)  'Official Poster'
Shadow Dancer (2012)
Shadow Dancer (2012)