Monday, May 7, 2012

Dangerous Ishhq : Exclusive Video Clip on Past Life Regression

Karisma Kapoor come back with Dangerous Ishhq as a Supermodel, who goes through past life regression in order to find solutions to her problems that she is facing in her present life. It's great watch  Dangerous Ishhq - Exlusive Video clip before movie released in Cinemas. The makers of Dangerous Ishhq have released four minute video clip of the movie. Vikram Bhatt released this movie clip that means Vikram Bhatt feels that this four minute of the film will help the audience understand what the film is all about and audience can imagine that what story say throw this movie clip. So, it's very interesting story about the Supermodel (Karisma Kapoor) facing problem in her life of her past life and solve it with help of  Jimmy and her friends. In this movie Karisma Kapoor have different roles like her present life and her past life, So keep watch this movie clip and Enjoy !!